Kyle Lowry Doesn’t Care About Your Interview Questions While Villanova Is On

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Kyle Lowry has been in the NBA for 10 years, but like most of his colleagues, March Madness (a.k.a. the NCAA tournament) is still a major draw, especially when you went to a Division 1 powerhouse like Villanova University. So, naturally, when you’re at your locker catching your alma mater’s fight against 1st-ranked Kansas for the rights to a Final Four berth, reporters coming up to you and asking you questions about the NBA is just ill-timed.

That’s just what happened Saturday, and Lowry didn’t even try to pretend to be interested. “That’s a charge,” he blurted out in the middle of answering a question, obviously referring to the game and not something that happened in the Raps’ 115-91 victory over the Pelicans.


We feel you Kyle.

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