The AMC’s Walking Dead is one episode away from the season finale and will meet Alexandria’s arch-nemesis Negan very soon.

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Carol has her mind set on leaving, not before giving Tobin something to remember her by, but practically makes the town’s best fighters go after her.

While the Saviors are sure to come knocking soon, Alexandria prepares for war, Daryl and Carol have stormed out of the town. Morgan, Rick, Rosita, Michonne and Glenn chase after them. One who won’t be found and the other who won’t be dissuaded from extracting revenge on Dwight, the scarred Savior who Daryl should have killed long ago.



In a piece of foreshadowing we see Carl pick up a pistol, the handle carved with a bat and barbed wire, could this be that he is sure to defend against Negan’s attack on the town?

Also Father Gabriel is left in charge of the town’s defenses as the others chase after their companions, promising Rick that he is ready for the task. Will that resolve soon be tested?

In the episode’s biggest moment, Carol who is still fighting her inner killer, is passed on the road by the Saviors, who shoot her tires out. We see the inner turmoil of Carol bubbling over into her babbling and hyperventilating. Carol is fighting whom she has become and begs the captors to just drive away. As they advance on her, we see what in the opening scene she was sowing into her coat a gun up her sleeve. After shooting down the Saviors on the road she dashes off into the fields.


This episode was the most uneventful piece of the season, all in the build up for the 90-minute season finale that is sure to make up for it in blood. We end with Morgan telling Rick to turn back, leaving the finding of Carol to him. Glenn, Rosita, Michonne and Daryl are not so lucky, surrounded by Dwight’s men, two of them are bound and gagged. In an attempt to rescue them, Daryl is caught off-guard by Dwight, the show ending with a single gunshot, that is sure to have wounded Daryl.

We also get our first glimpse of Negan and his barbed-wire bat, during the preview of next week’s episode. Rick is shown in a stand off with the Saviors before Negan emerges from the crowd to introduce himself with his trademark bat.

Will the would be fatal or just debilitating? Have they left Alexandria open to attack by leaving their post? With one episode to go this season, fans will be anticipating a big finale in what has been the most exhilarating season so far.