Kobe Bryant has played for two decades in the NBA, and has faced some of the toughest opponents known to basketball, including Michael Jordan, LeBron James, the Celtics’ Big 3 and a string of touch Greg Popovich Spurs teams. However, it wasn’t until the Mamba ran into a Utah Jazz team trying desperately to make the playoffs last night, that he suffered what is currently the worst loss of his career.

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The lowly Lakers lost last night’s contest by 48 points (123-75) in Utah, and Kobe was more than partially to blame. He played terribly, and scored 5 points on just 1-of-11 shooting in 27 minutes, while the Lakers as a whole didn’t score more than 21 points in any quarter. It was 2nd-year man Rodney Hood–who’s having a decent season, averaging 15 points and 3 assists/rebounds–who led the onslaught for the Jazz, pouring in 30 points, missing just 2 of the 13 shots he took (including 8-of-9 from behind the arc).

Kobe’s final season hasn’t been easy to watch, and there have been multiple bad performances of note, but with just 8 games left in his career, he’ll have to be pried off the hardwood.