Rapper C-Murder is reportedly being investigated by officials as to how he was able to drop a new single and music video while in prison.

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C- Murder, born Corey Miller, has been incarcerated since 2003 after being convicted of the murder of a teen at a Louisiana club.

Even though Miller has been releasing music since his time in prison, he’s escaped any wrongdoing by claiming the songs were ones that were recorded before his incarceration.


Though with last week’s release of “Dear Supreme Court/Under Pressure,” we get recent footage of him in jail. This poses a major slip-up in Miller’s past alibis, as recording music or videos while in prison is strictly prohibited.

According to the report by The Advocate, officials believe the latest release by Miller was recorded within the institution, as the lyrics seem to be a plea of innocence, with claims the jury involved in his case was bribed and that the trial was rigged. Not believing that Miller was simply lyrically ahead of his time, officials are launching an investigation as to when exactly this song was recorded, and also how the video was shot.

Adding fuel to the fire is his scheduled joint album with Boosie Badazz, who served his time in the same prison as C-Murder. Titled Penitentiary Chances, the album is set to come out next month.

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