Dwyane Wade Crashes Kobe’s Press Conference, Tells Reporters to Hurry It Up


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Last night’s Lakers vs Heat game was significant for reasons other than the latest developments in the D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young drama, though you couldn’t tell by the amount of storylines surrounding Swaggy-P-Gate, from the evening news to Twitter’s trending topics.

Had there been no internal drama, all eyes would have been on Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade, two of the game’s fiercest competitors, and their final face-off, which went down in an overtime affair at the Staples Center last night. Though Kobe’s increasingly weary body didn’t allow the game to live up to the duel many hoped to see, Kobe’s Lakers pulled out their most timely victory of the season. You know what they say about winning. It heals everything.


After the game, Kobe was in a chipper mood, especially when Wade crashed his press conference, urging the reporters and Kobe to hurry it up, which Bryant’s wife apparently asked Wade to do. The entire room erupted in laughter, likely appreciating the light-heartedness of the moment. It’s no secret Kobe and Wade are as much friends as they are foes on the court, and Kobe accentuated the moment by tossing a joke back at Wade, proclaiming that the 3-time NBA Champion will be the oldest player in the league when Kobe makes his exit next month.