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Kylie Jenner is attempting to once again break the internet, but this time for the launch of her lip kit promo.

“Glosses by Kylie Jenner” is expected to drop Friday, April 1, but before she unveils the line for sale to the public, Kylie chose to introduce them with a bang (literally) with the debut of the commercial dropping today [Thursday, March 31].

The visuals, which can only be described as a Hip Hop video from the 90s or early 00s sans the music, features Kylie driving on what seems to be a desert road. After pulling up to a seedy motel, Kylie relaxes in the Rolls Royce as her crew meets up with some unsavory characters. In an apparent set up, three ladies pull a heist on command while Kylie is chilling as the getaway driver. After pulling off a successful heist the trio runs out while the words, “Like”, “Literally” and “So Cute” appear before they hop in the Rolls  Royce and show that money ain’t a thing by letting a few bands fly.


The video ends with the four girls standing in a police line up splashed with lip gloss and Kylie Cosmetics logo.


Seems like Kylie is taking notes from the pages of Hip Hop on how to effectively promote her products.

Glosses by Kylie Jenner will be available April 1st and you can get yours at