It has been a busy week for Nick Young to say the least, as his private life has been put on public display thanks to a damning video filmed by his teammate, rookie D’Angelo Russell. Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the Los Angeles Lakers players were shunning Russell, looking at his actions as an act of betrayal. Social media hasn’t been too kind to him either, with the 20-year-old being the butt of many jokes online. Though Young’s fiancé Iggy Azalea tweeted out that she enjoyed Russell’s video of Young admitting to infidelity.

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Since then, Young had remained relatively silent on the subject, until today. The 30-year-old sent out two tweets, that were quickly deleted, seemingly speaking out on the entire scenario and denouncing Russell in the process. It’s safe to say that Russell is not on his list of favorite people right about now. Check out the tweets below.