Ashton Kutcher took to The Late Late Show recently to do some dishing on his Punk’d past, and to, of course, spill about some unaired Drake scenes:

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“We punked Drake and created an earthquake inside of a parking garage. He was in the car, and we started rattling the car. He jumped in his buddy’s lap and he like fetal’d up. He like Canadian fetal’d up into his buddy’s lap.”

Unfortunately, Kutcher ended up having to cut the clip out.


However, Drake isn’t the only one with some embarrassing footage that fortunately didn’t make the cut. Danny Masterson offered this valuable piece of advice to all Punk’d victims: “I would say for everybody who’s been punked, don’t actually piss [Ashton] off because the footage that doesn’t make it on is incriminating to say the least.”
You can catch Drake’s episode of Punk’d, which aired in 2012 on the eighth season of the show, here.