In the 90s and 2000s, fans loved Allen Iverson, children wanted to be like him and critics depicted his career as one of the best to ever touch a basketball. Iverson wasn’t the biggest fan of then Commissioner David Stern and vice versa, as Stern felt Allen was ruining the game of basketball at a point. The administration even complained his dress code was a distraction. Iverson’s longtime brand partner Reebok said it best: “you either had much love, or no love for Allen Iverson,” and now they’ve produced the right shoe to represent his misunderstood NBA career.

The Reebok Question ‘Misunderstood’ Mid will be Iverson’s first signature sneaker that will feature an all-over print made up of headlines that surrounded Iverson and some of his infamous quotes. The right shoe reads “Good” while the left says “Bad” and from there his quotes and headlines are featured throughout the shoe upper.

The Reebok Question’s 20th anniversary is available from today at a set price of $130 from retailers including Shoe Palace, Jimmy Jazz, Villa and


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