After serious allegations were made against Hip Hop pioneer and Universal Zulu Nation founder Afrika Bambaataa, emerging yesterday [Thursday, March 31], many members of the Hip Hop community were left scratching their heads.

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In a book titled Impulse, Urges and Fantasies, former New York State Democratic Committee Member and author Ronald Savage recounts several incidents in which he was allegedly molested as a teen by the revered and highly respected DJ.

A self-described current judicial delegate in the 12th Judicial District in the BronxSavage opened up in detail about the alleged abuse in an interview with radio host STAR on the Atlanta-based Shot97.


Today [Friday, April 1], the Universal Zulu Nation issued a statement to clear up what they are referring to as “outright lies.” In a letter penned by King Kamonzi, the International Spokesman for the Universal Zulu Nation, they refute all claims any molestation ever occurred. They are also demanding an apology from Savage.

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