Watch Bernie Sanders’ Interview on ‘Ebro In The Morning’


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Bernie Sanders wasn’t the most popular or the coolest name in the Democratic pool when 2016 Presidential campaigns really picked up last year, that title belonged to former White House resident Hillary Clinton. However, in 2016, with everything on the line, we’ve seen the pendulum swing back and forth between Clinton and Sanders, and we’ve seen Sanders pick up serious momentum with minority voters, and with people that can’t align with Hillary Clinton’s sometimes vacillating views on major ideas.

From Killer Mike to Harry Belafonte, we’ve seen Bernie Sanders pick up some key endorsements from members of the Hip Hop, and Black entertainment community, and last night, he spoke to 18,000 people in The Bronx about his ideas to counter what he’s calling a whopping “transfer of wealth” to the top 1% of the country.


This morning, Sanders hit Hot 97 to talk with the cast of the Ebro In The Morning show to further expand on those ideas, explain why Donald Trump just cannot be president, point out how some Americans’ efforts to delegitimize current POTUS Barack Obama had everything to do with race, and his will to make tuition for public colleges and universities free.

Watch the full conversation above.