March 23, 2016—  Art Hearts Fashion series set the stage for the launch at LA Fashion Week. The bridal wear renowned designer Jaime Elyse unveiled an edgy red carpet collection, paying homage to the sexy sophistication of Californian style while celebrating the female physique.

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Elyse highlights the female form, whether dressing a bride for her walk down the aisle or a celebrity for a walk down the red carpet.  “As a California girl, I have always loved a strong silhouette. I feel that each design should compliment the woman wearing it, not steal attention or show too much of her.”

Fall 2016’s use of silks, laces and feathers not only complement each design, but allow each dress to float while in movement. Fabrications hugged each curve as the models were gliding down the runway. The Fall 2016 season marks one in which Elyse pushed herself as a designer by enhancing silhouettes with rich texture and detail. Her color palette was bolder with the addition of teal, which added a pop to the runway. While the combination of feathers, sequins and lace throughout, illustrated Elyse’s red carpet design evolution.Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.18.56 AM


Jaime-Elyse-Fall-2016-Collection-1-8-768x1019 Jaime-Elyse-Fall-2016-Collection-2-8-768x1152



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