In anticipation of the upcoming film, Barbershop: The Next Cut, actors/rappers Ice Cube and Common have released a new music video titled “Real People.” This is particularly interesting because Common and Cube have notoriously hated each other in the past.

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It started in 1994 with Common’s seminal song, “I Used to Love H.E.R.” Common infuriated Cube when the Academy Award-winning emcee openly criticized the gangster rap Cube was making at the time.

A few of Common’s lines talk about gangster rap hurting Hip Hop culture and was interpreted by West Coast rappers like Cube as a slap in the face. They responded with the raucous “Westside Slaughterhouse.” To this, Common released the deadly “The Bitch in Yoo,” a venomous track considered extremely uncharacteristic for the usually stoic MC.


The beef stunned the Hip Hop community, but Common’s backlash at the seemingly untouchable Cube helped him gain credibility. The two have clearly buried the hatchet, and are on to bigger and better things.