Markieff Morris was traded to the Washington Wizards from the Phoenix Suns at this year’s trade deadline after he fought with teammates on the sideline and demanded a trade following a general fallout with the team. Now, he’s currently trying his best to help the Wizards avoid missing the playoffs, and meeting the ugly demise of a generally ugly season.

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However, yesterday was April Fool’s Day. So forget all that playoff talk for a second.

The Wizards met the Phoenix Suns in Phoenix last night, which was expected to be a pretty awkward homecoming for Morris, and his new team helped make it that much more awkward when they hung Morris’ Suns jersey and nameplate in his locker last night. In the Wizards locker room.



That’s pretty fantastic. We’re pretty sure the laughter got even louder after the game when Washington beat the Suns by 7 to keep their playoff hopes alive.

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