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In late February, polls had Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders among African-Americans by 52 points in Wisconsin. Fast-forward a month later, and Clinton’s lead diminished to a nine-point lead, and by March 31, a new Public Policy poll had Sanders leading in African-American voters by 11 points.



As the race has progressed past the South, we’ve seen Hillary Clinton’s support among non-white voters get smaller, and we’ve seen the once overwhelming gap that saw Sanders failing among non-white voters close up.

According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, Clinton’s 48-point lead in New York has been reduced to a mere 12-point lead. The poll also shows Sanders doing 300 percent better among non-white voters than he did in Mississippi. All the while, Clinton still holds 66 percent of the vote.

At this point it is unclear how far this momentum could take Bernie Sanders in the race, but it certainly shows the unforeseen triumph of anti-establishment positions and ideals.