According to a TMZ report, former NFL quarterback Marcus Vick was arrested in Virginia for assault.

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The report says Vick was booked in his hometown, Newport News, on charges of felony assault on a police officer resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and destruction to property.

There aren’t many details about the incident that led to Vick’s arrest, but he allegedly shoved a police officer when they attempted to arrest him, and ran away.


After a brief chase, Vick was taken into custody, and is being held without bail.

Though both Marcus and his older brother, former NFL star Michael Vick, were stars at Virginia Tech University, only Michael experienced considerable success at the NFL level. Marcus earned a spot on the Miami Dolphins in 2006 after not being drafted in that year’s NFL Draft, but was no resigned by the team when his 1-year deal expired in the off-season.