Yesterday [Sunday, April 3] The Source joined forces with Hennessy and Events By Iman Dean (creator of the long-running “1st Sunday Brunch” series) for an extremely lit, raucous day party a.k.a. the first #SourceSundayBrunch.

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With DJ C. DeVone warming up the packed crowd from early in the afternoon and DJ Kaos NYC absolutely murdering his main set (playing a mix of Hip Hop, R&B and dancehall for hours on end), The Source is now proud to present New York City’s livest monthly brunch event.

“It was our pleasure to join and add our brand to the absolute best Sunday brunch in New York City,” says L. Londell McMillan, The Source‘s Publisher and Chairman of The NorthStar Group. “Get ready for the next ‘1st Sunday’ in May and we’ll be coming to other cities soon!”


Catch us for the second round on Sunday, May 1 at Chelsea’s hottest space, Taj Lounge.

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