Keishia Knight-Pulliam has been tight lipped regarding the allegations against her former TV dad Bill Cosby, but during an interview with Amber Rose that all changed.

During a recent episode of her Kandidly Keshia podcast, Pulliam was joined by Rose to discuss current projects, things went left when Rose threw shade at Cosby in light of the numerous sexual assault allegations against the comedian.

“Anything a man can do…we can do,” Amber Rose said. “Sometimes I get very frustrated when I see guys call girls hoes or when people like…stick up for Bill Cosby.”

Keshia wasn’t having that, before Rose could finish her thought, Pulliam let her know that the allegations brought against Bill Cosby are not anything that she’s personally experienced and that she believes he’s innocent until proven guilty.

“Let me just say this real quick… cause I feel you and everyone’s entitled to their opinion,” Pulliam said. “But, you know we still live in a country where you’re innocent until proven guilty. And I understand everything that’s happened and me being a feminist and believing women. No means no and I get that. But, just so you know I did work with him for a really long time and I love him dearly still and that isn’t the man that I know.”

Pulliam then changed the subject by asking Rose, “How did you come up with your Slut Walk?”

On the show Rose seemingly back peddled saying that she “understood” where Pulliam was coming from but for those thinking she changed her mind, she took to Instagram to post exactly what she felt about the situation.

AR IG post