Mexican native C-Kan has built up a loyal supporting and fanbase that has made him an international star. Attempting to transition into a worldwide sensation, C-Kan initially made his debut as a soundtrack composer for Pantelion Films and since has grown in popularity as a solo artist. His lauded appearance at Urban3 Fest was documented last year by Jay-Z’s Tidal company on a dedicated live stream. C-Kan is the second Mexican artist subsequent to Julion Alverez to work with Hov’s streaming company. Opening up to Billboard magazine, Kan detailed his career trajectory thus far and his early influences.

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Definitively, C-Kan is able to appeal to the domestic market. Constantly striving to work on films, his chance to be active on the artistic medium came with Compadres, a hispanic cop drama that featured prominently a devoted one of Kan’s energetic songs titled “Maria”. 

At first daunted by the quick and non understandable diction of rappers such as Eminem, C-Kan says he found parallels in artists. “I heard rappers Vico-C and Big Boy with their song “Sin Tu Amor,” and when I saw that they were singing in Spanish, I knew I could also do this and it wasn’t only for English-speaking singers”.


Speaking on the future of his already standing relationship with Tidal and C-Kan, the artist spoke hopefully. “Although we’re still finalizing what the distribution deal will be with Tidal, they streamed live one of my concerts on an international level. That was something that I had never done before. We’re also in talks of making a documentary with them. I can’t speak a lot about that, but there are more things I’ll be working on with Tidal”.

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