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Yesterday, NBA legend Allen Iverson was selected to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, which is a huge honor that is rightly deserved from the former scoring champion. In a press conference discussing the achievement, Comcast SportsNet reporter Neil Hartman, the same reporter who asked AI about his practice habits in his now infamous 2002 press conference, told him that he was the one who ignited that topic of conversation that day.

Iverson told Hartman that he reacted in that manner because he was told that the press conference was to address and squash trade rumors that were swirling at the time and not discuss practice.

I thought the press conference was going to be happy. All I thought I was doing was coming and telling Philadelphia that I wasn’t going anywhere.

He jokingly told Hartman, “Now I can blame you.” Iverson also added that random people on the street often stop him and say “practice?!”

It makes me so mad. I’m a Hall of Famer, and I can go outside today and go to a restaurant or wherever and somebody will come up to me and say, ‘PRACTICE? We talkin’ ‘bout practice?!’ Man, I am a Hall of Famer, and that’s all you can think about?