Mez a.k.a. Uncle Mez is a young rapper with the world at his feet. As Grime goes international, this energetic lyricist is what many onlookers are calling the future of the movement, with a deadly assassin tongue that will duel any soul who dares to challenge. He knows his roots though and his unparalleled wisdom and level head make it hard to believe he won’t succeed.

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The Source spoke to the Notts native on his experience and future in music.

At the minute you’re killing it in the Grime scene. Tell us a bit about yourself and what makes you stand out from the rest?


To start off, I think we all know I’m from the city of Nottingham, and all I know is putting in the shift to reap the rewards. I wouldn’t say I stand out from the rest particularly but I just took advantage of most opportunities that come my way. The only thing I would say that separates me is my energy and stage persona but then again the scene is packed full of energetic artists with a point to prove.

Yourself, Snowy and Kyeza are flying the flag for Notts at the moment. Do you feel this will spur on more musicians to break out from the city and challenge the monopoly of London?

I feel like anyone shining right now deserves it in pure honesty and graft, you can only make your own opportunities as I’ve noticed they don’t necessarily make themselves. In regards to the whole London v Notts thing, that used to be an issue but now I personally see it as a journey. The same way you’d jump on a tube from North to South. Any traveling is challenging the Grime monopoly.

Who’s your dream producer to work with and why?

My dream producer to work with would’ve been either been Deeco or Spyro. Fortunately I’ve managed to do work with Spyro from bumping into opportunities and grabbing them.

Rumour has it you’re about to appear on a track with the prince of the underground at present, the one and only Stormzy. What’s it like to work with the maestro?

It was like a normal session with the people close to me that I would normally work with, what I did like about him is he worked at a similar rate and level as myself: Hear the beat, open up the notes, write and then record and then of course decide if we like it after. Big up Stormz!

What was your view on the shunning of Grime from the Brits and even from the MOBOs? Is it that the corporate men in music are trying to squeeze out the artform until its eradicated without any respect?

I personally think when you try and force someone to feel you they only end up not feeling you, because it’s almost like pressure. I think the Brits will accept and come to adore Grime in its own time. Regardless of whether Grime artists were on the Brits, everyone is still stepping steadily yet heavily and making serious movements.

If you had to name the one album that solidified your determination to make it as an artist, what would it be?

The very first album I heard was the album that solidified my mindset and that was Skepta’s Microphone Champion (2009) just because it was the first CD I heard that naturally was going to influence me as we only know what we see or hear in our environment.

What are your plans for the future after a huge 2015, and any messages for The Source?

This year I have an EP planned, I will also be releasing another one in the very near future with Davinche (another dream producer which I should’ve but didn’t include in the previous question). But yeah me and Davinche have done a number of tracks featuring some relatively unknown London artist you may have heard of, think his name’s Stormzy, ha! I also hope to do my first successful headline show and maybe lick down some festivals in the summer.

A final message to The Source is please be wary and look out for what I am doing and take it easy