“Niños vienen aquí”

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Echoed by thousands on stage recently, just as he was during Super Bowl XXXX, Chris Martin dedicated a birthday song to his son Moses during a concert stop in Lima, Peru. The individual who dazzled across an average of 119 million screensd at the sporting event alongside a controversial Beyonce, last night (April 5) graced the Estadio Nacional de Lima last night, this time sharing the stage with his son, turning 10 years old Friday, accompanied also by his mother actress Gwyneth Paltrow and sister Apple

Currently making the rounds in Latin America, still in progress of the band’s A Head Full of Dreams Tour, Martin harshly cut short a song and uttered in Spanish “It is my son’s birthday. Kids come out here. Everyone sing with me, please.” evoking a massive roar in the expansive crowd. Props to Chris Martin for executing and getting his message across flawlessly in a foreign setting, sending a message to other American artists that learning a bit of Spanish is most definitely beneficial. Check out the video below around the 1:15 mark.