Brooklyn newcomer Desiigner has seen his popularity skyrocket after his hit song “Panda,” was released to the masses, with most listeners assuming that it was Future’s song at first listen. In that time, the rapper has inked a record deal with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music and even had Ye interpolate the song on a track on his latest The Life Of Pablo album.

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This only added to Desiigner’s momentum, though the grumblings of him “biting” Future’s style have grown louder and louder. Last weekend, the Brooklynite had two more major looks, as his hit song invaded the sports world. First, he walked out boxer Adrien Broner performing the track live prior to his bout and the very next night, millions around the globe saw Shaquille O’Neal use “Panda” as his entrance music as he appeared in a Battle Royal match at WWE’s Wrestlemania 32.

This week, Billboard has “Panda” ranked at number 14 on the Hot 100 charts. This is notable not only because Desiigner is relative newcomer but also because Future, the man who is credited with originating his style, has never had any of his own singles chart that high. In the last year, Future has released three albums and several mixtapes and only two of his songs, “Where Ya At” and “Low Life” went as high as number 28 on the charts.


Comparisons aside, some are also wondering if “Panda” is all Desiigner has in his arsenal, labeling him a one-hit wonder. His only other song, “Pluto,” has not matched its predecessors success and is ironically (maybe not), the name of Future’s first album. Only time will tell if Desiigner can sustain this momentum.

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