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Kelly Rowland sat down with The Breakfast Club yesterday [Tuesday, April 5] to promote her new docu-series Chasing Destiny and why girl groups are important to have in the industry.

In the interview, Kelly addressed how today’s industry has removed the “standards” from women entertainers and revealed how she thinks it’s necessary to allow talent to shine.

“We had some girls come in that weren’t in the best shape, but here’s the thing Frank (Gaston) asked me, ‘What’s good shape, what’s normal? We should not get in our way’,” Kelly explained. “I didn’t necessarily want skinny because look at J. Lo, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, curvy is in and very sexy. Look at that Lane Bryant ad-we didn’t want to get in our way.”

Although Kelly is rejoicing over the semi-removal of industry standards, she did express the importance of being a well put together artist and defining your own look and style.


“Having a look matters, there are so many artists now that you look at and would think that they wouldn’t make it in the industry 10 years ago or even five years ago that have a place now and I love it.”

Kelly also talked about the importance of having girl and guy groups represented for the youth to identify with and develop self esteem.

“The culture of girl groups is really special,” Kelly said. “To me they are really special because young women get to see women that look like them and can identify with them, everybody has to have somebody they identify with. Also it’s power in numbers for women  and I think that culture is lost and needs to come back, not just for girl groups but boy groups too.”

Rowland also talks about how she gravitates towards artists who are deemed “crazy” because those have the most talent.

“I usually feel like people who are insanely talented, have a slight case of insanity,” Kelly continued. “And it’s okay because they are talented. I’ve met a few of those girls and instantly gravitated to those girls.”

Catch Chasing Destiny Tuesdays at 9pm ET on BET .