In February, a fan on Twitter suggested that running back DeAngelo Williams join the New England Patriots in response to a photo of his termination letter from the Carolina Panthers a year prior. Williams replied by saying that he hears that Tom Brady is the only player on the team who likes head coach Bill Belicheck, so he would not join the team. Needless to say, the veteran running back had already inked a contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Today, Williams appeared on ESPN’s His And Hers show and was asked to elaborate on that tweet, to which he doubled down on his stance.


When asked does it matter if the head coach is liked by players, he responded:

In a sense yes but in a sense no,” he said. “From a fan’s perspective it doesn’t matter if they like him or not. (The Patriots) win, they go to Super Bowls, they go to playoffs … as a player you like to be comfortable in the situation in the locker room. Like it goes back to the locker room. You can deal with management if they’re bad or you don’t like them if everybody in the locker room is in there and all in the same boat. But if management comes down and they ruin that locker room presence then you got an issue. And that’s what it boils down to. If we all don’t like management, then we can deal with it.

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