Serena Gives Tutorials on Milly Rocking, Twerking on Snapchat

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Serena Williams, one of the most dominant female tennis players in the history of the sport, is also an underrated dancer. She famously “Cripwalked” after beating Maria Sharapova at the Olympics–which was fitting, considering Sharapova is an opponent that she has a complicated relationship with–and a quick Google search will produce a video of her doing some serious twerking in a bedroom somewhere.

During this break in the tennis season–Williams’ next mandatory tournament isn’t until the Madrid Open, which kicks off May 2–the superstar is shooting commercials for real cameras, and dance tutorials for Snapchat. Specifically, a crash course on twerking, and an Introduction to Milly Rock (which, judging by Williams’ finished product, is a class she herself should be a student in).


Watch her Snapchat “story” in the above video clip as she teaches her followers and any set personnel with sufficient spinal stability how to get down to two of the most popular dances in America.