Karma is undefeated, and a thief in New York found out that lesson the hard way Tuesday morning (April 5) after stealing a teenage boy’s iPhone. The New York Daily News is reporting that 33-year-old Berthony Louis allegedly swiped the teen’s phone and fled the scene, jumping onto nearby train tracks. It is then that a Manhattan-bound train was headed in that same direction and struck Louis. Surprisingly enough, he only suffered minor injuries which include bruises and cuts to the face.

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The entire incident caused a heavy delay in train traffic as he was hiding out in tunnels as police searched for him.

Patricia Soto, witness:


The police were walking up and down outside the train screaming, ‘Say something or die! But the thief was staying quiet. He didn’t want to get caught.

The entire ordeal lasted for almost an hour as many other passengers began to panic.


One woman had a panic attack. She was sweating and shaking. She had to go stand between two cars to get some air.

After being captured by police, Louis was taken to Elmhurst Hospital and is facing a slew of charges.

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