Since the dawn of the technological iPhone age, an app designated for musicians and songwriters to showcase their talents to aid the emerging protégés of the future has always been lacking. A new innovative app that could alter the music industry is set to grace our screens on April 14 at the Brighton Music Conference. The app is entitled Brapp, and is focusing on emerging talent collaborating with established musicians without the hassle of arranging studio time with well known players in the game.

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Brapp is designed for users to create one minute long videos of vocal and rap performances on top of beats from producers across the globe, already being championed by British heavyweights Roni Size and Chester P (who demonstrates his raw tenacity below).


The origins of Brapp trace back to Niki and Pavan Muhki, who make up the prestigious UK rap group Foreign Beggars who enjoyed success at the tail end of 2000s, and combines the social networking elements of Instagram with the audio recording software of Garage Band to make an app that could really influence the way music is consumed and created.

It’s significant as no other app, institution or body is encouraging musicians to work together on this scale. It has an innovative licensing agreement in place so artists can work together easily and it’s breaking down many barriers to success for emerging artists.

This could be exactly what musicians need to move forward as technology constantly evolves and grows with the current climate. Brapp could push artists closer than ever before.

Information on the app from Apple’s App Store can be found here as well as a short video on how it works below. Make sure you don’t miss out on potential history.