Bernie Sanders and Spike Lee Talk Bill Clinton, Weed in ‘Hollywood Reporter’ Interview


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In a face-to-face meeting pegged as “2 Guys From Brooklyn” by The Hollywood Reporter, Bernie Sanders and Spike Lee sit down for an extended and intimate Q&A, during which they talk about everything from marijuana policies, Bill Clinton, young people, and of course, Sanders’ foe, Hillary Clinton.

According to CBS, Sanders and Clinton are virtually tied in the latest national polls, which is a huge accomplishment for Sanders, who was considered a blip on the radar this time last year. Clinton’s missteps–the email leaks and her perceived flip-flopping on major gay rights issues and drug policies among them–coupled with Sanders’ alignment with young people and minority groups have however turned the Democratic race on its ear, turning the remaining 7 months before November general election into one of the most important 7 months of Presidential campaigning this country will ever see.


Sanders, who recently stopped by Hot 97 to elaborate on his will to make tuition for public colleges and universities free, spoke at length about the damage Bill Clinton’s federal drug policies have caused, and the danger Donald Trump would pose to the future of America should be actually be elected president. In addition to that, he admitted that in order to defeat Hillary and secure the Democratic nomination, he has to figure out why he’s getting “killed” at the polls with older people.

We’re doing phenomenally well with all of the young people — white, black, Latino, you name it, Asian-American. And we’re getting killed, frankly, not just with older African-Americans but also older whites, older Latinos. It’s the weirdest thing in the world. And what really bothers me is I spent half my life in Congress helping to lead the effort for senior citizens: We led the effort against cuts to Social Security — we want to expand Social Security; we took on the drug companies who are doing terrible things to elderly people. You know seniors are cutting their prescription drugs in half. So we have a lot of work to do in terms of reaching out to seniors, not just African-Americans, but seniors all across the board. We’re figuring out how you get the message out there.

You can read the full interview here, and watch a portion of their sit-down above.