Baseball and Hip Hop met on common ground recently. The Chicago White Sox added a touch of Chance The Rapper to their team’s official game-day video, and their signature baseball caps.

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The rapper spread the news via his Twitter page. He also revealed the collaboration was through athletic wear company New Era. Along with narrating the team’s official game-day video, Chance recorded a spoof-like commercial donning all three specialized caps.


Chance announced he has a new mixtape coming out later this month. It’s been three years since the release of his highly acclaimed Acid Rap release. Fans have been eager for a follow-up and are finally getting one. However he has not neglected the music game since Acid Rap: he dropped jazz-influenced album Surf with The Social Experiment, toured and recently collaborated with Kanye West on The Life Of Pablo on “Ultra Light Beam.”

This year is already looking like a good one for Chance The Rapper. The exclusive Chicago White Sox caps will be available soon. For more information on where you can buy one click here.