On this day in Hip Hop history, New York duo Das EFX released their debut album, Dead Serious on East West Records.

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Executive produced by EPMD, the album was a certified hit. It was able to peak at the #16 spot on the Billboard 200 chart as well as retain its integrity and respect in the underground rap community, which is quite a respectable feat.

This is a special album to Hip Hop. It’s one of those albums that comes along on its own wave entirely and inspires and shapes a new generation of artists. The imaginative lyricism and rhythmic flow together create a sound that is completely separate from the hardcore street tone that had been previously established in New York City Hip Hop. Their style could be described as surrealist or expressionist rap. They definitely were outside of the box and “ahead of their time” in the way they branded themselves and this album.


The group’s almost cryptic hit single “They Want EFX” had great commercial success, peaking at #25 on the Billboard 200 chart. This catchy nursery rhyme style of rap caught the attention of listeners across genres, allowing it to claim the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart and Hot Dance Singles sales chart. The projects second single “Mic Checka” was also able to grab that #1 US Rap Singles spot on the chart. As a whole, the album had nothing but positive reception among critics. In the year of the album’s release, The Source‘s Matty C wrote: “Not only have they [Das EFX] innovated a new rhyme flow that expands on all these styles, but they have brought back fun filled Hip-Hop.”