Netflix has cornered the market when it comes to streaming, it’s nothing less than a fact at this point. While HuluAmazon Prime, and other streaming services do what they can to get by, Netflix has continued to offer customers increasingly more year to year. Now it’s time we pay the piper, as Netflix will increase their rates this May.

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Two years ago Netflix raised the price of their standard streaming plan to $8.99 and then $9.99 shortly after. Existing users were grandfathered in, and maintained their $7.99 per month, hi-defintion plan. Well, those days are up. Netflix will now charge all standard plan subscribers $9.99, tacking on $2 to all subscribers who were grandfathered in previously.

This will affect 17 million subscribers or 37% of Netflix’s US subscribers, while bringing in an extra $34 million for the streaming behemoth per month. Can we really blame them?