Yesterday [April 9, 2016] Bernie Sanders took home the win from Wyoming’s nominating contests, adding another victory to his continuous string of triumph as of late.

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Winning seven out of the last eight Democratic voting contests, Senator Sanders has steadily been hacking away at the major delegate lead that rival Hillary Clinton has held over him.

However, a slew of relatively small wins hasn’t really given Sanders much of a numerical lead, generously feeding morale instead.


Unfortunately, all we’ve heard in the recent past is the same song: Sanders’s momentum is climbing, but just can’t seem to propel him far enough to close up the gap established by Clinton—a gap widened especially by the Vermont Senator’s lack of support among party superdelegates, leaders who unlike pledged delegates, can choose to vote for any candidate despite popular vote.

Next Tuesday [April 19] the race heads to New York, where a little over 10 percent of the 2,383 delegates needed to win the nomination are up for grabs.