Saturday Night Live had Kate McKinnon pick up her hilarious impersonation of Hillary Clinton once again last night [April 9] to touch on Mrs. Clinton’s much-talked about subway ride earlier in the week.

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Jumping on a No. 4 train in the Bronx on April 7, Mrs. Clinton failed to glide through the turnstile (like a “regular” New Yorker would) and took at least five swipes to get through.

“The subway. I love to ride. I’m comfortable riding it,” said McKinnon’s Clinton before swiping half a dozen times with no success. After eventually trying to climb over the turnstile, she remarked, “I’ll just take a cab.”


For her part, Clinton seemed to be taking the jokes in her stride. She popped up at an event for The Inner Circle (a parody group of local journalists who poke fun at City Hall) last night and approached the situation light-heartedly.

“Do me a favor,” Clinton said to Mayor Bill de Blasio, also in attendance. “Will you just fix these MetroCard slots? It took me like five swipes.

“The little terminal thing kept saying please swipe again,” she continued. “I mean you’ve got to fix that. You don’t have to worry about horses anymore. Fix the turnstile and the MetroCard.”