Bill De Blasio Tells Hillary Clinton He Was Running On “CP Time”

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During this year’s Inner Circle Production, billed as the “giving of a dinner each year at which politics and politicians, national, state and city, will be satirized,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton were special guests as Broadway’s latest monster production, Hamilton, was given the parody treatment, resulting in Shamilton.

During the shenanigans, Clinton and de Blasio found themselves with real-life Hamilton star Leslie Odum Jr., at which point Clinton nags on de Blasio for taking a long time to endorse her.


His reply? “Sorry Hillary, I was running on CP Time.”

A mixed reaction from the crowd was quickly followed by a retort from Odum Jr., who declared to de Blasio that he ‘doesn’t like jokes like that’ (which was likely part of the pre-prepared skit). Clinton replied by clarifying that here, the term “CP Time” meant “cautious politician time,” which of course it doesn’t, but that put Odum Jr. at ease because that’s how parodies go.

Watch the full clip above.