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Eric and Ivanka Trump, children of Donald Trump, won’t be voting for Donald Trump in this month’s New York primaries. Why? Because they can’t vote in this month’s New York primaries.

Today on Fox & Friends, Trump revealed that two of his children were “unaware of the rules,” and didn’t register in time for the March 25 deadline to give his dad two freebies at the voting booths, as he tries to take New York over his Republican foes, John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Apparently, Eric and Ivanka feel “very, very guilty.”


Trump joked that he’d be cutting off their allowance for their neglect.

Chances are, those missing votes won’t spell doom for Trump and his campaign. A recent CNN poll shows Trump holding at least a 20-point lead over both Kasich and Cruz, and he’ll likely win the primary rather easily. The real race in NY will be on the Democratic side of the ballot, where Hillary Clinton is still favored, but Bernie Sanders has been making things very interesting in recent weeks.