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In 1986 Boogie Down Productions responded to perceived disrespect in MC Shan’s “The Bridge” with “South Bronx,” starting one of the most legendary battles in Hip Hop history. The feud lasted many years and yielded many songs from multiple artists, but the general consensus is that BDP won with “The Bridge is Over.”

Thirty years later, MC Shan doesn’t think so, and voiced his opinion recently during an online radio interview. The Queens MC says he and Bronx native never battled toe-to-toe on stage, and that he never actually lost the battle. Shan admits in the interview that KRS-One has a superior club performance but defends his lyricism in an a capella battle like today’s battle rappers. Shan’s 30 years of resentment resulted in a three minute verse aimed at KRS-One.

Thirty years ago it took months of recording and mastering for BDP to respond, in 2016 it took two days for KRS-One to drop a booming track, “Still Huggin A Nut” on his Bandcamp with lyrics like, “You flow wack/And let me say this for my Black kids/Technically I didn’t take you out the crack did.”