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Jay Electronica joined the lengthy list of rappers and artists that have used their own talents to pay tribute to Phife Dawg, the fallen A Tribe Called Quest rapper for whom a star-studded memorial service was held in Harlem, NY last week.

During a show last night in Minneapolis, the Roc Nation rapper, with help from local rapper Metasota, began engaging the crowd in “Can I kick it?,” “Yes you can!” chants, which were eventually followed by Electronica kicking a freestyle in honor of Phife. He would soon be joined by Metasota, who joked he wasn’t even sure if Electronica would even show up for the performance in his freestyle, likely acknowledging the fact that the moment he was a part of was pretty surreal.


Watch footage above, and keep your fingers crossed as usual that a Jay Electronica album actually materializes in this lifetime.