Common and Ice Cube are continuing to make history while out promoting their new film The Barbershop: The Next Cut, newly appearing on The Tonight Show performing “Real People” off the film’s soundtrack.

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Common and Cube, who were backed up by the legendary Roots crew, took to the stage and shook hands in solidarity after Cube dropped the first verse explaining how the two iconic emcees no longer have beef.

“Me and that homie, yeah we used to bring the funk / Now we got love and respect like a monk.”

After the historic performance, Common joined Jimmy Fallon on the couch to discuss the Barbershop film and why he chose to join the cast.


“First of all it’s a fun movie, it’s a comedy,” Common explained. “It just has a message with heart about really the community and how communities need to take care of themselves. It’s based in Chicago and there’s been a lot of violence in Chicago but the movie is about hope and based on hope and inspiration; but it deals with the subject in a real way.”

Although Common talked about the film, he didn’t let the opportunity pass to showcase his break dance skills as well, showing that no matter how successful he is, he’s still a b-boy at heart.