At one time Grand Puba, Sadat X and Lord Jamar made up the group Brand Nubian for the 1990 album, All for One. The trio fit well with the conscious-rap of the time like Public Enemy, Poor Righteous Teachers, Gangstarr and others. It was Puba’s 1995 hit “I Like It” that really launched him as a solo artist and helped him release four albums to date.

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His last release was in 2009 with Radioactive that featured production from 1990’s mainstays Q-Tip, Kid Capri and Large Professor, hitting the Top 100 Charts at #97.

Early in March, Puba released the first single off the forthcoming album, Black From The Future. Puba handles the production on the track “UDK” himself, and addresses the current state of the game, while also adding social commentary. The album released through Babygrande Records on April 15.


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