It goes down…amirite?

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LeBron James, the biggest basketball player in the world–give Stephen Curry like one more season of this madness, though, and that statement won’t be as unequivocal as it has been in previous years–has been under intense scrutiny thanks to his interesting social media maneuvers in recent weeks, and though his activity on Twitter and Instagram has subsided, he’s found himself back in Twitter-related headlines.

According to a screenshot posted late last night by popular model Rachel Bush (219k IG followers), LeBron hopped into her DM inbox in the most dad way possible: “Hey what’s up!” The screenshot didn’t show any correspondence on behalf of Bush, just that one message from James, meaning she either didn’t reply, or replied and deleted her side of the messages. (Or, Photoshopped the entire ordeal, which would be disappointing, especially for the purposes of this post.)


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.48.56 PM

Here’s the most interesting part. Bush is the girlfriend of Cleveland Browns safety Jordan Poyer, who sat courtside at last night’s Cavs vs Hawks match-up with–you guessed it!–his girlfriend Rachel Bush. For what it’s worth, LeBron allegedly let the DM fly before tip-off, so it wasn’t a love at first sight situation, but it still feels too convenient to be a coincidence.

? with bae?

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Regardless of what exactly happened, or the validity of it, you can bet LeBron, who is currently in the midst of his “Zero Dark Thirty – 23” social media blackout, will not like being asked about this at a forthcoming presser.