Yesterday [Monday, April 11] President Bill Clinton held a rousing organizing event for Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn.

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President Clinton made a spirited appearance at St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church to continue stumping for his wife in New York City. He was introduced by Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, whose mother, the Honorable Una Clarke, was the first major woman elected official from the Caribbean (and who Clinton stated was the first elected official in Brooklyn to endorse him for President).



“The reaction of the crowd, which included the old and the young, to President Clinton clearly demonstrates Hillary is the candidate of choice for Brooklynites,” says Congresswoman Clarke. “I believe the fact her presidency would build on the progress we’ve made under President Obama, like tackling the barriers that stop people from reaching their full potential, and her fight to revitalize the economy in communities that have been forgotten and often overlooked, is what’s resonating with Brooklyn residents.”

Ms. Clarke continues, “Since she also represented New York State as a Senator, Hillary has a keen understanding of the issues we face as New Yorkers. I am proud to stand with Secretary Clinton, for those reasons and more, and I am looking forward to our country electing its first female president.”

President Clinton spoke with local voters at the church on a variety of topics, including Hillary’s plan to raise incomes and get results for all communities, keep Americans safe and bring the country together. He expressed his vision for seeing less Black men imprisoned, calling for more diversity in the police force and banning requests for people’s criminal history on employee application forms.

“People shouldn’t be discriminated against when applying for jobs because they have to check a box saying they were once arrested,” Clinton said, garnering loud applause from the mostly middle-aged and above crowd.


Emphatically stating over and over Hillary was the “best change-maker he’s ever met,” Clinton also took a moment to meet with The Source‘s Brooklyn-born owner/publisher, attorney L. Londell McMillan, and other community leaders.

“There are serious domestic and international issues involved in this upcoming Presidential election,” Mr. McMillan says. “Bill Clinton knows that better than anyone. It was great to see him again and hear his take on why he feels Hillary Clinton is the better candidate for the job in the Oval Office.”

State Senator Kevin Parker, State Assemblywoman Latrice Walker and City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo were among the elected officials present.

“I am excited and honored to be supporting Hillary Cinton for President,” Cumbo says. “She exemplifies the character and experience we need to lead this great nation forward. It was great to hear President Bill Clinton speak with clarity and certainty on how Hillary is best able to lead America.”

New York state’s primary election takes place on April 19.

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