Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy would like the NBA to move the 2017 NBA All Star Game to a different state, after North Carolina recently passed a LGBTQ law requiring transgender people to use the public restroom of the gender stated on their birth certificates. Van Gundy praised legendary rock star Bruce Springsteen for moving his concert out of North Carolina and feels the NBA should do the same.

“That game should be moved if they don’t change the law. I’m really proud of, like, Bruce Springsteen moved his concert, I think that’s outstanding. Look, we’re in 2016, and the idea that for any reason you can conjure up, you think you have the right to discriminate against people, I just think it’s against everything that we should stand for.

I understand logistically it would be a major problem but so what? Sometimes standing up for things that are right makes things tougher. I don’t think the game should be there if they’re not going to change that law.”

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Commissioner Adam Silver has already addressed their concerns over this matter and the league has been very active in fighting discrimination since Silver took up his position. As he and other officials are currently deciding on the matter, Atlanta are looking like strong contenders to replace Charlotte if the league decides to go another route.