Gregory Porter is not only a household name within jazz, his wonderful soul stricken voice has branched out to become one of this centuries most talented and lovable personalities in music.

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His 2013 album Liquid Spirit catapulted him to dizzying heights, unearthing an artist of jazz infused soul onto the world which was lacking a jazz star since Amy Winehouse’s tragic passing. Whilst both stars are considerably different in style and voice, Gregory has taken over the mantle to become a huge star within his own right with his new album Take Me To The Alley set to be released to critical acclaim on May 6.

One of the tracks released already off Take Me To The Alley is the majestic “Don’t Lose Your Steam,” an up-tempo dancefloor hit of swagger and passion.


Whilst it’s usually sacrilege to remix a huge song that has only just been dropped, French house producer Fred Falke has given it the late 70s disco treatment to make a track of pure nightclub fever, taking heavy inspiration from early Chic production that sounds more addictive after every listen.

The song manages to find the perfect balance between subdued relaxed funk, and fist pumping, foot stomping hysteria which is sure to be played throughout the warm paradise summer months.

Give it a listen and have a boogie yourselves.