The Life of Pablo has successfully become the event album we all knew it was intended to be, from its Madison Square Garden aux-cord listening session and its TIDAL exclusivity, to the subsequent updating of the album, and its debut atop the Billboard 200 nearly two months after its original release.

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The only thing missing was one of Kanye West‘s larger than life music videos, and it looks like the wait for that is about to come to a close. The final song to make it on the album, the Chris Brown-featured “Waves,” will be granted a music video, per this Daily Record report of Kanye and company shooting the song’s visual out on the Isle of Skye in Scotland last weekend. Per a Skeabost House Hotel spokesperson:

It was all very exciting. The reservation, which included one room for Kanye, then one for his stylist and others for the video team had been booked out a few days in advance. The staff at the hotel were told a high-profile celebrity was coming to stay but no-one knew exactly who until Kanye arrived and it was a total surprise. Kanye and his team are thought to have arrived by private jet into Inverness airport on Sunday and then drove to Skye where they checked in at the Skeabost House Hotel very late at night.


The spokesperson went on to say:

Kanye checked into his room which overlooked the sea and had some supper before having a snooze in his four-poster bed. The staff at the hotel said he wasn’t a very fussy eater, and even although the hotel is renowned for it’s good food, he was very easy to cater for. In the morning Kanye got up, had breakfast and went off to do his filming before coming back at lunch time very tired before having a snooze and some tea.

No word yet on whether or not Breezy joined Yeezy for the shoot–it would be a real shame if he didn’t–but hopefully we get this video sooner than later. In case you’re wondering what an Isle of Skye, Scotland backdrop looks like, allow us.

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