Five months into his 16-year prison sentence, former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle is making headlines once again. He made the news earlier this year after it was revealed that he was attacked while at Colorado’s Federal Correctional Institution – Englewood. Today, InTouch has obtained a letter that Fogle wrote to a woman he knew years ago that reached out to him. The letter finds Fogle downplaying his crimes, which include child pornography and having sex with minors, this on top of flirting with the woman.

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Fogle writes:

“It has been a very hard nine months for me. I made a couple of mistakes but nothing like the media reports have said. They are making me into some sort of monster which is absolutely not true.”

He also goes on to place blame on his former associate Russell Taylor, who is serving a 27-year prison sentence.


“I’m currently appealing my prison sentence and am hoping for the best with it,” he continues, claiming he simply got caught up in someone else’s crimes. “Bottom line, my director of my foundation and friend did some bad stuff and tried to throw me under the bus with him”

He then makes it very clear that he wants to continue a relationship with the woman.

“Your two pictures you sent me have just made me smile so, so, much!! Can you send me some more good ones? I need you in my life big time. I’ve thought about you over the years but had no way of contacting you. What is your email address? I have email access from here but I have to plug your email and phone number into the computer and then you accept it and we are good from there. [The email] is monitored,” he added, “but who cares? LOL.”