Michael Rapaport is one of Hip Hop’s favorite actor/directors and in a recent interview with First We Feast, Rapaport shows why he does it for the culture.

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While eating multi-levels of hot wings in an hilariously candid conversation, Rapaport talks about his GGN interview with Snoop Dogg, where he recalled being present when Snoop and Tupac first met.

“Snoop had literally just came out, this was right around when “Deep Cover” first hit,” Rapaport reminisced. “Tupac gave Snoop his first blunt, like it should be some sort of holiday-the first time Snoop smoked a blunt. That’s like a pivotal moment in time.”

Rapaport also went on to discuss his memory with Phife Dawg during filming Beats Rhyme and Life.


“I never saw him not light up when people approached him about being Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest,” Rapaport continued. “He was always like ‘peace fam, love, love, love’, every single time; whether he was tired or going through health stuff. When you think of the best of New York-Phife Dawg.”

Rapaport gave his thoughts on the rumor of Stacey Dash replacing Kim Fields on Real Housewives of Atlanta and also broke down his Top 5 Dead or Alive for reality TV.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea [that Stacey Dash join the cast]”, Rapaport said. “The best part of the show is that no one knows who they are to begin with.”

Why he decided that Ray J would be the GM of his top 5 list, goes without saying.

“Ray J is the f*ckin’ GM, ” Rapaport said jokingly. “His f*ck style is buck wild”.