Last night [Thursday, April 14] Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton faced off in Brooklyn in CNN’s Democratic Debate for one final major appearance ahead of Tuesday’s primaries in New York.

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Leading up to this point, Hillary Clinton’s once secured campaign has watched as the anti-establishment Senator Sanders has endured and put up quite a fight in the race to the White House. Next week’s voting will be one of Sanders’ last chances to finally cement his rallying position in this race, proving if he can truly knock down the Clinton camp once and for all.

It’s safe to say the claws came out in the fiercest battle between the two yet. More poignant and focused than ever, both candidates passionately conveyed the same policies and ideals with which they’ve identified throughout this race.


Check out a few of each candidate’s most noteworthy quotes (or “bars” since they were in Brooklyn a.k.a. “home of the greatest rappers,” according to Lil Kim) from tonight’s CNN Democratic Debate in Brooklyn:

Bernie Sanders on NATO and the disproportion that many argue is hurting the United States financially:

“We spend about 75 percent of the entire cost on the military aspect of NATO. …I will not be embarrassed as President of the United States to [tell European countries], “You gotta pick up your own fair share of the defense burden”.”

Hillary Clinton on NATO:

“I support our continuing involvement in NATO. …NATO has been the most successful military alliance since probably human story. …We need to modernize it.”

Bernie Sanders on why he still hasn’t released his tax returns:

“Jane (his wife) does our taxes. We’ve been a little bit busy lately.”

Hillary Clinton on Libya:

“There was a vote in the Senate as to whether or not the U.S. should support the efforts by the Libyan people to protect themselves against the genocidal threats coming from Gadhafi. …Senator Sanders voted for that, and that’s exactly what we did.”

Bernie Sanders on Hillary Clinton’s “incrementalist” approaches.

“Secretary Clinton actively supported fracking technology around the world.”

Hillary Clinton on Israel and US involvement.

“It is a difficult position if you are trying to seek peace…when there is a terrorist group embedded in Gaza”

Bernie Sanders on healthcare reform and education:

“Please don’t tell me that we cannot do what many other countries around the world are doing.”

“[Secretary Clinton] will have to explain to the people of our country why every other country can guarantee health care…Canada is not some kind of communist, authoritarian country.”

“Public colleges and universities tuition free? Damn right.”

Hillary Clinton on healthcare reform and education:

“Before there was something called ObamaCare there was something called HillaryCare”

On Sanders’ plan: “I do think that when you make proposals, you should be held accountable for whether or not the numbers add up. ”

“Most of the people who have analyzed what Sanders put out…there is no doubt that it would pose an incredible burden not just on the budget, but on the individuals.”

“My late father once told me ‘if somebody promises you something for free, read the fine print’.”

Bernie Sanders on Wall Street:

“We are not the country that has the courage to stand up to big money.”

Bernie Sanders on President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland:

“If elected president, I would ask the president to withdraw that nomination”

Hillary Clinton on President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland:

“I fully support the president.”

Bernie Sanders on his switch from an Independent to Democrat and his legitimacy:

“Why would I be running for the Democratic nomination to be President of the United States.”

Hillary Clinton on the strength of her campaign, and final words:

“I’ve gotten more votes than any body running. I think you have to look at the facts…I have put together a coalition…from the South to the North; from the East to the West.

“I am proud of the campaign we are running.”

“It is going to be important that we unify the Democratic party.”

“My lead in pledged delegates is bigger than Barack Obama’s lead was over me.”

“We are, in this campaign, very confident and optimistic. …I’m not taking anything for granted, or any voter, or any place.”

Bernie Sanders on the longevity of his campaign, and final words:

“I think we’re going to win this nomination to tell you the truth.”

“We’re out of the deep south now.”

“I believe that we’re going to win this nomination, and we are  going to obliterate Donald Trump or whoever the Republican nominee is.”

“I disagree with Sec. Clinton on the belief that you can get money from Wall Street and then, at the end of the day, do what has to be done for the working families of this country.”

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