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A Reddit user has done the job we all should of done a long time ago: taking on the task to compile the unofficial Kendrick Lamar content library on the website Wakelet. On the website you can find the best  interviews, editorial and videos of Kendrick.

Although you need to have Facebook, or link an email to the site to view the content, once you are in you will have access to the rappers most significant  guest verses, live performances, albums and  music that dates his current career fame.  As the library keeps growing, this idea could pave the way for more fans building a content database for their favorite artists.

In less positive news, Kendrick is currently being sued for copyright infringement, for the sample of Bill Withers‘ 1975 classic “Don’t You Want To Stay” which appears on “I Do This” from the Kendrick Lamar EP. According to this TMZ report, Mattie Music Group–which abbreviates to MMG—is claiming that K. Dot rapped over their song without permission.