Everyone knows by now that Kanye’s TLOP underwent some much publicized post-Tidal release work. ‘Ye couldn’t help but fix a couple songs after he put out the Tidal exclusive, which seemed a little strange, but then again, Yeezy does makes the rules.

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However, news broke recently suggesting Kanye was now going back into his previous album Yeezus and adjusting songs (small parts of “Send It Up” and “Black Skinhead” with Apple), which sounded even crazier, given the album dropped in 2013.

Now, it seems the truth of the matter has been revealed: Tidal, along with Spotify, actually have outdated versions of the album. It seems Apple has the most recently updated version, but those updates were made back in 2013. Why wouldn’t Tidal have this version too?


Most people seem to have the physical or leaked version of Yeezus, which is why they’re noticing a difference now with different streaming platforms.

So, Kanye’s big TLOP changes aren’t all that new after all, and this seems to be an existing ‘Ye theme, but why would Tidal of all services not have the most recent version? Kanye and Tidal have some explaining to do, as this discovery comes just after a newly filed class-action lawsuit against the two.